Rubber molding with GGI is unique because we offer you complete control from design to box, which means you have the power to decide on every element within the manufacturing process. From conceptual design, prototyping, certifications, technical documents, quality assurance, testing, right through to packing and shipping. As well as this, GGI offer full control over the compound as our mixing plant has the capability to blend its own rubber materials. We can meet industry standards such as WRC, FDA, ASTM, DVGW and NSF.

We are proven industry leaders with over 25 years’ experience in rubber technology, specializing in metal to rubber bonding. Our aim is to work with you to find the best practice solution for your requirements with unbiased technical advice. The worldwide GGI team works together across Europe and India, this close relationship enables us to provide high quality products with low manufacturing costs and small minimum order quantities.