Our casting technology is comprehensive and includes CAD CAM, Pattern Making, Box less Sand Molding, Precision Sand Casting, Gravity Die-Casting, CNC (HMC, VMC, and Turning) Machining, extensive Inspection Facilities including Laser Scanning and CMMs, both dimensional and physical, Final Finishing and Assembled Product.



The CAD / CAM department is housed in a purpose built suit at the core of the machining resource. Investment includes state of the art computer hardware and software which is administered by our fully trained operators. We see this facility as vital in the development and production of our castings from pattern making through to final finishing. It is also a center for continuous improvement, through reviewing and re-engineering machining methods and programs to assist in our Lean Manufacturing or Cost Down initiatives.

During the early planning phase our highly skilled CAD Engineers can create virtual scenarios to advice on production and machining strategy to avoid future production inefficiency benefiting both customers and GGI.

We can accept electronic data in a variety of formats and from captured information we can produce paper drawings. In most cases we can interrogate, and subsequently, complete or repair missing data in order to allow us to produce models. The most common file types accepted are: IGES, CATIA, DXF, PDF, DWG, STEP, E.DRGS, TIF & STL.

Patternmaking and Tooling

Excellent facilities allow for consistently accurate and well finished patterns to be produced in wood, metal, or epoxy resin resulting in prototypes and often complex production castings with minimum draft angles in both thick and thin wall sections.

Feeding systems are designed by our Methods Engineers and built into critical positions to allow consistent repeatable performance during the manufacturing process.


Precision Sand Casting

Precision Sand Casting is particularly helpful to the designer who needs minimal draft angles, wall sections down to 2.5mm locally and up to 300 Kilograms in weight.

We also regularly source 3D printed moulds and cores for rapid turnaround projects.

Gravity Die Casting

Our capability in this very long established casting method has been honed over the last 10 plus years. We comprehensively engineer our tooling for long life to produce high quality Aluminium Castings in a variety of alloys to suit their final use. Cast weights range from a few grams to 25 kilograms or more.

This method produces very accurate castings with a good surface finish when larger volumes are required with a lower unit price. The close tolerances, which can be achieved makes Gravity Die Castings very suitable for machining using CNC equipment.

Complex internally cored castings are achieved using shell handmade or blown sand cores. These are produced from semi-automatic machines incorporating wood or cast iron shell core boxes which give accuracy, intricate detailing and fine core surface. Cores are produced in a variety of sand medias to suit the parts requirements